Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Recruiter Training - Is The Recruiting Industry Saturated?

Recently someone asked me if the recruiting industry was saturated with Recruiters or was there just so much turnover because the job was so difficult? His question was prompted by the numerous recruiter training programs now available on line.

My answer: No the recruiting industry is not saturated! In fact did you know there was an average turnover rate of 23.6% for American companies in 2006, per the US Dept. of Labor Statistics? That's a staggering number that shows a great need for Recruiters! The US Government estimates the recruiting industry will grow by at least 50% by 2014. Corporate estimates put the number closer to 70%. There is lots of room for professionals looking to make a career change into recruiting.

There is too much unnecessary turnover in our industry because training still lags behind the demand for good recruiters. If you're a new Recruiter and you're thrown into a position without training (it's done everyday of the week!) your chances of succeeding are limited. On the surface recruiting looks easy. It's not! Recruiting is about process and if you don't know the process and how to execute that process you're likely to watch deal after deal slip away. Ugh!

The answer is simple. If you're a Recruiter get some training! And once you start applying what you've learned you'll be discerning about what additional training you need. Ongoing education will help your income grow and keep growing. A contingency fee Recruiter can easily earn $60,000 - $120,000 a year. With some good organization and thoughtful assistance those numbers can double in a twinkle.

In-house Recruiters who have full cycle recruiting skills earn $65,000. - $95,000. I know in-house Recruiters who make $120,000. Good contract Recruiters make anywhere from $22. per hour to $65. per hour, depending on the industry.

My point is recruiting is a specialized skill. It's an art that uses a process. A Recruiter with good judgment, common sense, good communication and people skills and a desire to help clients, has no limits. Recruiting is a fun and challenging profession when one is armed with the necessary skills. We don't go to the dentist thinking this professional is going to 'wing it' when it comes to our treatment! Once you demonstrate to your clients you know what you're doing as a Recruiter you'll have to do less marketing because your loyal clients will depend on your services and come back again and again.

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