Monday, October 6, 2008

Executive Recruitment - Learn How To Recruit The Best Candidates!

Executive Recruiters excel at finding the best candidate for a position vs. the most available one. A good Recruiter should not blanket their client with resumes. No. They should earn their fee by taking that stack of resumes and doing their job. Their job is to find the candidate who best fits their clients' culture and has the required skill sets.

Far too many people in the industry call themselves Recruiters but lack the specific skill sets that distinguish the real pros. The remarkable thing is any HR department, or person who finds themselves saddled with recruiting responsibilities can gain those skill sets and strategies with training.

If you find yourself with a stack of resumes, my advice is pick out a few of the promising ones (don't read the entire stack – it's a time waster) and then pick up the phone. Resumes are a primitive tool, in my opinion, and no substitute for a conversation. The guy with the best resume may come across as completely offensive.

If you don't know what questions to ask to qualify a candidate quickly, you'll spend countless hours running in circles. There's nothing worse than finding an excellent candidate who would never consider the position you have to offer! How do you avoid this unfortunate, egg on your face, situation? By getting the basic training all Recruiters need.

There is an ebb and flow, or natural rhythm to the recruiting process. It's not hard if you know what to ask and when to ask the right questions.

One thing new Recruiters fail to understand (another time killer) is how to talk with the hiring manager (decision maker) for a full understanding of what will make that manager say, “Yes, make that candidate an offer!” It's the Recruiter's responsibility to clarify the short list of requirements before they talk with the first candidate. This is an important step.

Matching great candidates with good employers is easy when one understands and follows the recruiting process. Outsiders often look at what Recruiters do and think, “Piece of cake! I can do that.” It's true, they probably can do the job. What is also true is they will be efficient and effective only after they learn the process and master the key skills needed to do the job well.

Executive Recruitment is a high paying, fascinating, rewarding profession once one takes the time to approach the position as a professional. Get training before you make your first call or agree to your first assignment and success will shower your efforts with an array of rewards.

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