Friday, August 29, 2008

Nyme - You asked, 'how do you get so many job orders?'

The details on how one gets job orders are in my ebook, "Top Recruiter Secrets". But the key, in my opinion is talking directly with the decision makers who have the authority to make the hiring decision. If there's an HR dept between you, the Recruiter and the decision maker, that tends to slow things down and even kill deals.

The second key to getting job orders is to gain the interest of the decision maker within the first minute of your phone call because that's about all you'll have to establish the initial rapport and see if there is a reason for the conversation to continue. (Again details are covered in the training manual) Obviously different industries and organizations have their own unique ways of doing business. Regardless, once you've chosen an industry your success will rely on your ability to talk with the people who really want to see empty positions filled! They lose money (and have multiple other problems) everyday the position remains open.

Example: A key partner in a law firm is busy for sure, but they will talk with a Recruiter who can solve their problem (fill a need). Let's say that law firm is looking for a new partner...what they typically want is a 'Rainmaker'. Someone who can bring a book of business or a few key clients into the firm so the existing attorneys can do what attorneys do. The HR person in that firm generally won't have the authority to approve your fee (a hefty 5 figure fee) or the insights the managing partner will have about recruiting a key person. If it turns out the managing partner does not want or need a partner at the time of your call, you've still made a valuable contact. If that firm happens to need some paralegals or a specific type of attorney,you'll be referred to whoever is handling that hire. You'll be able to call that person with a little clout."Bob Brown asked me to call you about your open litigation attorney requisition...tell me..." and off you go.

Recruiting is about process not personality. Get the training you need to feel confident your process is helping you make placements. We don't want our auto mechanic, or our doctor, or our dentist to 'wing it'! We want to know that the professionals we use in our life know the correct process to follow to fix our problems! It's the same with recruiting. Our clients want to trust that we know how to solve their problems...and when we demonstrate our ability they return again and again!

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Kimberly Schenk

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