Friday, May 30, 2014

Dissolve Call Reluctance

For a successful career in sales expect cold calling to be part of your life. At some point it’s common to encounter ‘call reluctance’. No one likes to think they’re afraid to pick up the phone. The mental and emotional pain one experiences can be miserable when call resistance strikes. The feelings related to this malady can be complex; the underlying source, mysterious.

It’s disturbing to discover one has a common weakness. Furthermore, a fear of calling is not a typical conversation that’s discussed with friends, family, or business associates. If one experienced perceived rejection in childhood those feelings may still be present in adulthood. Heal old feelings and perceptions and change your life forever.

Choosing to to buckle down and through determination make cold calls anyway is not a positive solution. Even if the rewards prove to be so great the misery of cold calling is forgotten, progress will be temporarily.

While the problem is obvious, logic won’t eliminate deep-seated emotional and mental issues. Anyone who has avoided cold calling can recite a dozen motivating reasons to make their calls. Anxiety can be unreasonable. We know it does not make sense, yet this ‘cold calling weakness’ follows us around like a plague of despair.

A simple treatment to banish call reluctance is ‘tapping’. Tapping is also known as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). It’s like emotional acupuncture. Tapping produces results by re-patterning our thoughts while dissolving negative past emotions.

Here’s a mini-summary of how EFT works. There are specific points on our body that when tapped with two fingers, coupled with focused thoughts about a troubling issue, send signals throughout the body to release long standing negative emotions. Those negative images block the free flow of supportive self-talk and actions. As the tapping process unfolds, layer after layer of blockages fall away, never to return.

EFT is an energy therapy. The tapping sends energy throughout a system of meridians, and alters messages in your brain. There is plenty of study and science behind EFT. I’m a successful person in business who, along with millions of others, can testify to astounding personal results.

Erase outdated messages holding you back from achieving your sales goals. More importantly, EFT can address countless other issues in our life and truly, transform any situation for a desirable outcome. EFT will change your life.
Self-healing on a more profound level is available through ‘The Healing Codes’ method. Energy healing is a DYI (Do It Yourself), which heals outdated beliefs inhibiting optimal performance and enjoyment of life today.

The human body is designed to heal itself from within. If we learned this technique as kids we could avoid mental, emotional, physical distress, illness and pain. Scientists believe stress to be at the core of all disease. When stress is not released, but reinforced continually by long standing negative images and belief patterns, the healing mechanism in our cells become overloaded and shut down.

‘The Healing Code’ is a transformative self-treatment with measurable results.

I personally have used the codes and highly recommend it to everyone. If you hate cold calling, try EFT or ‘The Healing Code’ today. You’ll be glad you did.

by Kimberly Schenk, Executive Recruiter, Trainer, Author

PS: The Healing Code book is about $27 for a hard copy. There are various packages on the Healing Code website, but not the book. The book is great and explains additional resources if needed.

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