Friday, June 7, 2013

Recruiting Coach: Take Your Recruiting Career To The Next Level! by Kimberly Schenk

A recruiting coach provides one-on-one support. If you’re new to recruiting, transitioning from corporate recruiting or staffing to contingency fee work, then a mentor can facilitate by helping you adjust your thinking. Expanding your capabilities begins with defining your new role.

All change comes from within. Your ideas of what service you provide, how you provide it, and what that service is worth to your clients has to shift within your mind in order for you to successfully assume any role. Titles alone are meaningless. To be a top recruiter one must first embrace the value they provide.

When you believe in what you have to offer, others will believe you. The next step is to make sure the words you choose, mannerisms, behaviors, and thoughts are professional. As a consultant, all your relationships with business people depend on your ability to talk with ever level of management as a peer. Your mindset determines how others treat you.

You set the tone of discussions with your demeanor, tone, questions, and intention to reach your goals. If a client attempts to demean your role either consciously or unconsciously, you have the option of challenging them, and/or not accepting what has been presented. Saying, “No” takes practice.

Example: As an in-house recruiter you may be conditioned to send a hiring manager 4 – 10 resumes of prospective candidates. In your role as an Executive Recruiter that behavior is counter productive and wastes time. When you’re clear about your role when a hiring manager tells you to send over all the resumes you have before he’ll schedule an interview you must be able to explain how you work.

“That’s not how I work. We’ve reviewed in detail what you’re looking for in a candidate. You’ve explained to me what you require in a candidate’s background in order for you to extend an offer. My job is to screen candidates and send only the most qualified individuals to you to interview. You’re paying me a substantial fee to save you time and money. Let me do my job. The first person I send you will be an exact match. I’m very good at what I do and sending a pile of resumes to you wastes your time and mine. It slows down the process. What times do you have open next Tuesday for an interview?”

When you understand the principles of recruiting, the words you use may vary to fit the situation at hand, but the essence of the content will establish you as someone they can trust to deliver the candidate they’re after. You are relieving them of a burden and freeing them to do what they do best. There’s value and power in what you provide above and beyond presenting qualified candidates.

When you work with a recruiting coach prepare your questions so your time together delivers the maximum benefit. Ask yourself better questions. Write down your answers and compare them to the answers your coach voices. The key is to find the answers that resonate with your core. While you’re gut instinct may not be eloquent, it could be correct. Grow your intuition and judgment muscles by stretching your imagination.

A good recruiting coach provides insights, tips, wording, and strategy. The objective is to close more deals, make more money, manage your time efficiently and be happy. Ask yourself what you want from your coaching sessions. Let your coach know and she’ll help you accomplish your goals quickly.

Bio: A no-fluff, step-by-step recruiter training program on how to recruit will take your production to the next level within a few months. We stand ready to place this process in your hands. Kimberly Schenk has recruited in multiple industries for 20 years. She’s been training recruiters and coaching for 10 years. Schenk cares about your success and over 1100 professionals have benefited from her programs.

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