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Become A Recruiter: Find A Recruiting System That Resonates With You! by Kimberly Schenk

Executive Recruiters are contingency fee recruiters. We only get paid if our candidate is hired. Employers surveyed give contingency fee recruiters, or headhunters, the highest marks for delivering top quality candidates. Good recruiters are in demand. If you want to be a recruiter pick a recruiting system that will train you like executive recruiters have been trained.

Whether you choose to work on contract, as a corporate recruiter, alone, or in an agency setting, the top-notch methodology headhunter’s use will allow you to work efficiently and find the exact candidate needed for every search.

Contingency fee recruiters focus on passive candidates. I believe passive candidates are the easiest to place. They're not desperate for a job because they already have one. They're not looking for a job so their responses to qualifying questions tend to be genuine. Their motivation to switch employers should be sincere for an ideal match.

If a candidate feels their everyday work life will improve with a shorter commute, better management, more responsibilities, or an attractive culture, then everyone wins. In my experience, a good candidate with strong motivation to make a career move can be found in 13 – 17 conversations. One needs to be able to trust their recruiting methods to achieve results quickly.

Because recruiting involves people each recruiter must have a recruiting system to manage their candidate pipeline. Time is a precious commodity for us all however if a recruiter wastes their time on unproductive tasks it’s a career killer. Recruiting can be brutal for recruiters who don’t feel they have any control over how the process unfolds.

If you wish to be a recruiter, follow a well-defined process. Learn your craft. Equip yourself with techniques, skills, phrases, psychology, and a systematic method to manage interviews, find new search assignments, negotiate well, handle resignations, rebuff counter offers, close effectively, and get paid promptly.

Avoid sweatshop agencies. If an agency promises training, make sure they don’t define training as handing you a phone and telling you 200 phone calls a day will make you successful. The only thing 200 calls a day creates is depression. Ask your prospective employer when was the last time she made 200 calls? Don’t be anyone’s fool. Take charge of your own training. Calling without process and technique will get you thumped in the head all day long.

Will your sweatshop show you how to conduct a One-Call Close? Why not? Walk away from scumbag operations. Can you tell they make me mad? The recruiting profession has a ton of turnover. Crappy training is one reason for high turnover. Ruthless agency practices hurt people. Don't be victimized. 

Spending 4- 5 hours a day on the phone is draining so make your efforts pay well. There’s a great deal of thinking, strategy, asking questions and listening that;s necessary to succeed as a recruiter. You’ll increase your success rate by 1000% if you know what to say and do during any phone call made. While this sounds like common sense, don’t trust your career to a stranger without asking them some tough questions first.

What words do they use to initiate a conversation with a candidate? Listen carefully. How would you respond to those words if that person called you? Candidates in high demand industries get calls from recruiters multiple times a month. How will your call be different? How will your introduction establish rapport, create trust, and engage a candidate who is busy working?

Recruiting is a soft sell. One needs a proven recruiting system to work effectively. With the right method a new recruiter can quickly build a pipeline of commissions. Getting started is the hard part. There will be mistakes made and frustration because in addition to trying to do your job well, there’s a lot to learn. Learning to recruit is similar to learning a new language. With repetition comes mastery.
Is recruiting worth it? You better believe it.

A no-fluff, step-by-step recruiter training program on how to recruit will take your production to the next level within months. We stand ready to place this process in your hands. Kimberly Schenk has recruited in multiple industries for 20 years and has been coaching recruiters and business people for 10 years. Schenk cares about your success and over 1100 professionals have benefited from her programs.

 Programs: Top Recruiter Secrets, Cold Call Therapy, How To Recruit Loan Officers

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