Monday, December 10, 2012

Recruiting Success: Would I Make a Great Recruiter?

Recently I read an article on that talked about how recruiting firms work. In one section they advised those who are considering recruiting to make sure they know which part of recruiting they would be happiest working. Recruiting is about contacting employers to get searches and then finding candidates and managing the process until they get/receive an offer and start their new job. 

They broke it down this way (I agree with them!)

"You should be in sales (obtaining searches) if you are:

* A great negotiator

* Good with handling rejection

* Self-guided with your time management

* Motivated by expansion potential (developing sales channels)

* Good at cold-calling for new business opportunities

* Enjoy making presentations and entertaining

You should be in recruiting if you are:

* A great communicator

* Good at relaying hard facts and picking up inferences

* Highly organized

* Great at Internet work and research

* Motivated by task accomplishment (making placements)

* Good at building relationships based upon mutual interest

* Enjoy interviewing and networking"

A good portion of Recruiters are good at both tasks. If you prefer one more than
the other find another Recruiter who likes to do what you don't. Splits are great.

In my experience a consistent, daily effort will do the most to ensure you make multiple placements a month. Rookies tend to bet on one placement being made with one send out. Too often they lose that deal for a variety of reasons and create unnecessary stress. My advice is to work toward 3 send outs a week. Do this every week and you'll have multiple placements and a great income each month.

If your focus is on getting a minimum of three send outs a week, you'll get better and better at organizing your time. You'll waste less time on chores that don't produce send outs.

It's that simple. Do you want to be a recruiter? Get started. Find some recruiter training.

Kimberly Schenk,  Author/Headhunter,    Top Recruiter Secrets    Cold Call Therapy

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