Sunday, December 30, 2012

Recruiting 2013: Get Out Of Your Rut!

It’s easy to get into a rut if you’re a recruiter. In 2013 let’s all mix it up a little to create more profits! Brainstorm with yourself if you work alone. Think outside the box if you work with a group. Dust off that white board! Shoot for bigger projects. Find employers who are ready to expand and offer to handle hiring the entire staff. They’ll fall behind and fall short of their goals if they think their current HR dept. can simply double their efforts.

If you’re a solo operator or a small group think about working onsite at a facility to ensure you’re involved with all phases. Be nimble and sensitive enough to modify processes that aren’t working. Create value and double, triple, or quadruple your profits at the same time.

The recession has taken it’s toll for sure however many companies are sitting on boatloads of cash. Everyone has grown tired of our do-nothing, bickering, Blockheads in Congress. As usual the public sector will lead the way out of the recession and our ‘leaders’ will eventually follow mainstream thinking. We cannot wait for Washington to get their act together before we act. Throw all the bums out next election but in the meantime, there’s opportunity everywhere!

In Colorado, Loveland (just south of Fort Collins) screwed-up a three-year negotiation with NASA. NASA chose Loveland as the preferred location for an incredible opportunity and the town still botched the job after boasting for years the deal was 'in-the-bag'. Instead of moving into an empty 850,000 square foot, former HP campus, NASA grew tired of the local politics and decided to locate their ACE project closer to Boulder. The inept, shortsighted, dim-witted power antics petty bureaucrats enjoy, cost the area 10,000 local high-pay tech jobs. Ugh!

NASA has decided to sell off thousands of patents they’ve accumulated since the sixties. They want companies to use the patents to develop green solutions to benefit the public and save energy. Colorado has a well educated, tech savvy work force and it’s easy to get folks to move to our beautiful state. No humidity, over 300 sunny days a year, fresh air, healthy lifestyles, and an abundance of activities make this a great place to live.

Companies are lining up to join this creative, inventive, manufacturing mixing pot of skill sets, ideas, and opportunities. Companies from Germany, Norway, the US, Japan and South America are interested in opening facilities here. This is only one fascinating, multi-dimensional project ready to pop across the country.

If you’re a recruiter, or want to be a recruiter get scrappy. Get in front of employers and talk about their plans and their projects. When the time is right, tell them how you can save them a ton of money. Tell them how you work and how they’ll get the exact people they need, not thousands of resumes from people without the skills they need but who are available.

Your ability as a recruiter to spot opportunities and create win-win projects can launch you into earning millions of dollars. The world is changing fast. Come up with a strategy and go forth with confidence! Be resourceful. Make it up as you go if needed. Be bold, creative, and tenacious.

Too many recruiters doubt their value. YOU are the hiring expert! Tell people, nicely of course, how you can solve their hiring problems. They’ll love you for it and you’ll get richer in the process. This blog is comprised of my opinions. If you’re a Loveland bureaucrat; I think you suck at your job and deserve to be fired!

BTW, the former HP campus has been bought and plans are supposedly underway for a similar technological campus, without NASA. Whatever.

Happy New Year Recruiters! Don’t let the economy push you around or skew your thinking. Get your hands dirty and make things happen. Find the movers and shakers like yourself. Recruiters rock!

by Kimberly Schenk, Author, Recruiter, Recruiter Coach and Cold Call Therapy eBooks

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