Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Where Do I Find Loan Officers To Recruit?

Help! Sourcing is the term for finding names and phone numbers of prospective candidates to recruit and hire. When you’re ready to start recruiting loan officers how do you build your list of potential candidates?

Here are 10 ways to source candidates. Call everyone. Be prepared with a script that’s effective. Don’t start out by talking about how great your opportunity or company is because that’s a sure fire way to turn off a candidate.

DO take the time to memorize and practice your first 30-second introduction. If you don’t have a good script, get some training! You want to screen and be in charge of each call. Recruiting calls are simple and fun when done correctly.

     1.   Dig up old resumes of current employees or candidates who applied to your company in the past.        Where are they now? Call them; if they don’t qualify ask for names.
      2.     Current employees. Ask: Each One to Refer One (or three). Get names & numbers.
      3.    Realtors (my favorite). Call Realtors in the area and just ask, “Can you recommend a loan officer?” (Don’t let them you’re a recruiter, they may be protective of ‘their’ LOs. There’s no need to lie, just ask for the name of a loan officer they trust.
      4.     Local and national professional associations.
      5.    On-line directories. (Entire company directories complete with a roster of positions and numbers are online). Learn a few search engine sourcing tricks if need be; it’s easier than you think.
      6.    The NMLS database for consumers. Put in a zip code and all licensed Loan Officers in that zip code are listed.
      7.     Do a local search on google for mortgage companies in your area. Local mortgage company websites often have pictures, names, and phone numbers.
      8.    Speak with your local Library Reference Desk Pro. This person will help you to fine-tune your skills. You can then access the database from your home or office. I like the ‘A-Z’ database because they allow one to download 1000 names, phone numbers, addresses, etc. by any demographic desired. If you don’t have the sic code(s) on hand, there’s a tool within the database to help find the sic codes that apply to your search.

      9.     LinkedIn. Join several mortgage banking groups. Check in daily and soon you’ll see the value of discussions. Then look up participants to grow your contact list. A few minutes a day viewing what’s going on and commenting on items that appeal to you is both productive and time well spent.

     10.  Ask anyone you speak with in the industry for names of loan officers. This easy task should become part of every conversation! For best results memorize 7 – 10 ways to ask for names. In my experience it usually takes 2, 3, even 6 times asking for referrals (in varied ways of course) for the person you’re speaking with to get serious and put their brain to the task. Don’t feel you’re intruding because you’re not! You’re behaving like a serious professional and people are glad to help. The trick is to get your self in the correct mindset. Once you expect answers, you’ll get them.

 There you have it. Before you start calling I suggest you compile a list of 100 names. You'll go through the list quickly because in many cases you'll go directly to voice mail. Don't leave messages. Typically if one sets aside three hours to call and they talk with 4 candidates an hour, that's a successful call session.

Happy Recruiting!

by Kimberly Schenk, Executive Recruiter (20 years) and now full-time Trainer, Author

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