Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mortgage Recruiting: Ready to Think Big and Increase Profits? by Kimberly Schenk

The most prevalent model in the mortgage branch system has managers originating while managing an office. Recruiting talented loan officers is the fastest route to sustained monthly growth. We’ve all watched medium size mortgage companies open new branches as a way to expand their territories quickly. Why not grab more of your local market share with the same strategy?

It’s time to think bigger. Capitalize on your expertise and start transferring your knowledge to a new generation of loan officers who are getting trained and licensed. Recruiting is a sales position. As a mortgage pro you sell Realtors on using your service. You sell yourself to customers as a knowledgeable professional they can trust. You sell everyone on your company.

Recruiting is a defined process. With training you can recruit the talent you want, when you want, to make your office a powerhouse loan operation.

Adding 3 loan officers to your staff who each close 1.5 million a month obviously adds 4.5 million to your production each month. How hard would you have to work to close an extra 4.5 million by yourself? Work smarter and expend less energy. Now consider the numbers if you consistently recruit and add 6 loan officers to your team in the next twelve months, and another six the year after.

Recruiting takes practice and know-how. Using the best tactics will protect and bolster your brand. The best recruiters use a system to qualify and dismiss less than desirable candidates. They only extend offers when they know a candidate will accept. They know how to dismantle counter-offers made by an existing employer. Success lies in being prepared and managing the process.

How can you manage a process you don’t know? Recruiting looks easy but can be brutal. There are proven methods and strategies to attract and hire the strongest and most dedicated originators. Have you considered how much money you can save in headhunting fees if you systematically were able to recruit and hire the candidates you want?

In-house recruiters have multiple offices clamoring for candidates. They can only do so much. Why put your livelihood in the hands of distant recruiters? Why delegate this key responsibility when you’re in front of a faucet of candidates? When you have a recruiting method, adding loan officers is like picking flowers from the garden. Recruiting is mysterious only when you don’t know how.

Branch managers come across names of the competition every day. They’re in the prime position to gather those names and initiate harmless conversations. By understanding how to recruit effectively. You're having conversations anyway; Make them count. A seasoned manager will recruit 30 – 40 – 50 loan offices for their operation in 24 - 36 months. Those guys (women included) are killing the competition, and growing their paycheck.

Would you like one office to add over 100 million dollars in closed loan production or more to your bottom line this year? The mystery of recruiting evaporates once the principles are mastered. A few tweaks to your existing techniques may be all that’s needed. Of all the routines one can choose to master, recruiting has the potential to improve your life in a profound way.

We’re all people with goals and personal motivators. Learn to recruit. Save yourself time, money, and aggravation from ineffective recruiting attempts. Stop looking at recruiting as an extra chore. Embrace the possibilities and ride your career to the moon!

NOTE: A no-fluff, step-by-step training program on how to recruit loan officers will take your production to the next level within 12 months. We stand ready to place this process in your hands. Kimberly Schenk has recruited in the mortgage industry for 20 years. She’s recruited in multiple industries (engineering, legal, insurance, financial )and has been training recruiters and business people for 10 years. Schenk cares about your success and over 1100 professionals have benefited from her programs.
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