Sunday, March 10, 2013

Recruiter Coaching For CEO's, Entrepreneurs, and Sales Managers

Do you want to recruit top talent but don’t have the budget for headhunter fees? Is your company poised for a growth spurt but lacking the people to handle an increase in business? What if you could locate and recruit the people with the right skills when you wanted? When you know how to recruit and you share that information with your team, you’re one step away from blowing your competition out of the water.

Recruiting is a sales position complete with a well-defined process. Top recruiters use proven techniques and strategies to make consistent placements. Much of their training is related to maximizing their placement efforts to serve more clients and ultimately make more money. You already know your business and thus only need to cultivate those recruiting skills you'll use.

CEO’s, business owners, and sales managers are often at the mercy of limited recruiting budgets and in-house recruiters who are flooded with personnel requests. Stop feeling frustrated and take control of more opportunities by learning those aspects of recruiting that pertain to locating, attracting, and hiring the talent you want most.

If you’re willing to work 2 – 4 hours a week recruiting for yourself when needed, you’ll reap the rewards of your efforts for as long as your recruits stay with your company. That’s a payoff worth considering. The same skills used to recruit are transferable to buying or selling companies and most transactions where negotiations are involved. Within 12 – 18 recruiting calls recruiters generally can find an ideal match.

The key is to work smart and efficiently. The recruiting process sometimes seems counter-intuitive in that the best recruiters never try to convince candidates to make a move. We actually spend more time dismissing sub-par candidates so our precious time is spent qualifying the best people. The most available people are often not the best people for the job. It's not difficult to develop the strategies and specific skills needed to recruit.

My suggestion for CEO’s, business owners with growing companies and sales managers is: Take matters into your own hands, find a great recruiting coach and get the people you want, when you want them! The recruiting process is dotted with communication minefields. A deal can blow up anywhere along the route to a successful hire. There’s a lot to learn but a coach in the background will make sure you’re doing the right things and avoiding blunders that kill placements.

Your recruiting coach is standing by with decades of experience to help you create credibility, establish trust, and say and do the things that ensure you get the folks you want on your team. Your coaching fee is a one-time charge. You’ll capitalize on what you learn during the dozens if not hundreds of conversations you have forevermore. Your first hire will pay dividends that far exceed any fee for recruiter coaching! Get busy and take your company to the next level.

by: Kimberly Schenk, Headhunter, Recruitment Coach, and Author

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