Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Recruitment Process: 5 Advantages to Knowing Every Step!

Recruiters are consultants. They do far more than match up employers with candidates. At any given time a Recruiter can find themselves in the role of catalyst, psychologist, hand-holder, detective, negotiator, and guide. Recruiters work behind the scenes to make deals happen. They change lives and companies. It's fun and rewarding to be a good Recruiter. Operating as a high level Recruiter is a function of knowing the entire recruitment process intimately.

There are between 25 to 30 steps in every placement. The number of steps can vary depending on how many times a candidate interviews with an employer. When a Recruiter takes the time to understand the recruiting process they ultimately perform better and more efficiently. Performing like a top professional is the first item in a 'best practices' list. Word spreads fast when you make a client happy, and making more placements is a side benefit of the first advantage to knowing your craft.

The second advantage of knowing every step of the recruitment process is having the ability to coach candidates and employers better on how to conduct their interviews and analyze the results of their findings. There are no perfect candidates and no perfect employers. Having the ability to help both sides shift their perspective is a huge advantage to a Recruiter who wants to maximize their earning potential.

Three. Knowing the recruiting process forward and backward ensures a Recruiter will continue to improve their performance. One can easily reflect on what they did right at any specific point in the placement process. Conversely they can also feel what went wrong where and prepare themselves for the next time that situation arises. It becomes easy to prepare a better response or handle a few earlier steps differently so the issue never arises again.

Four. If a Recruiter needs to assist a fellow Recruiter, knowing the recruitment process in depth enables them to step in at any point, ask a few questions to understand where all parties are psychologically, emotionally, and rationally, in the process and do what's needed to complete the placement. This is a huge advantage and part of what can make any Recruiter the 'Go To' guy.

Finally, understanding every step of the recruiting process provides a Recruiter with wisdom. Changing companies and hiring people are both big decisions. Those who understand their role both prepare everyone involved for what to expect and what to do while preventing deal breakers that no side wants. Good Recruiters get results quickly. They know how to ask the tough questions and their expertise is sought after over and over. Top Recruiters are well paid and enjoy the respect of many. They take pride in their professionalism and abilities which can be traced back to their first decision to learn the recruitment process thoroughly.
by Kimberly Schenk

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