Thursday, December 6, 2012

Recruiter Coaching: Is It Worth The Money?

Recruiter training should cover all the steps in the placement process. Executive Recruiters (Headhunters) work on commission. We are consultants and sales people. If you’re considering a career change, executive recruiting offers independence, challenge, and control over one’s income. Having a Recruiting Coach on your side ensures success. Recruiter coaching will save you time and money.

Corporate Recruiters and Contract Recruiters generally don’t ‘hunt’ for candidates. Contract recruiters usually show up to an employers’ place of employment and have higher monthly placement quotas. Contract recruiters are paid an hourly rate. Contract recruiting offers stability and a consistent paycheck.
Corporate recruiting tends to be part of HR. Online ads and social networking sites are used to attract candidates. Corporate recruiters speak with candidates who float their resumes in cyberspace or respond to ads. Corporate Recruiter’s interview and screen candidates.

Headhunters are in demand. Of the various types of Recruiters, contingency fee based Recruiters consistently are given the highest marks by clients for providing top-notch candidates. We’re the Navy Seals of the recruiting world. We fearlessly sniff out the best candidates and work quietly until the deal is closed. We’re called upon to function as a psychologist, spy, friend, consultant, negotiator, rainmaker, closer, and detective every single day. What could be more fun?

Executive recruiting is tough. The pay is great but the work can be brutal. The onset   of your recruiting career is the optimal time to develop the mindset, work habits, thought process, strategies, and skill sets needed to be a successful recruiter.

Like learning how to drive, the details seem overwhelming at first. When we get behind the wheel, we must use our skills to drive safely. It’s the same with recruiting. It’s important to practice good habits from the onset. On day one clients and candidates depend on us to do our job well. Preparation is crucial.

Miss-steps kill deals. The good news is there are remedies for just about every mishap. If we lose a client or candidate, it’s okay. There’s always another client and another candidate to contact.

Recruiter coaching is a resource. Having an expert at your side keeps deals on track.  A Coach provides in-the-moment guidance and shortens the learning curve. Instructions during each phase allow recruiters to self-correction and improve instantly. The first recruiting phone calls are intense.

For new Recruiter there’s pressure to remember hundreds of details. After a placement Recruiters have a storehouse of experience. Phrases have been memorized and responses become confident. All day long there are decisions to make. How recruiters respond to comments, reactions, or misinformation is the difference between a paycheck and going without.

A good Recruiting Coach guides Recruiters carefully through the minefield of a deal. Their advice can save a search at every phase of the process. For everyone who thinks it’s easy to be a Recruiter and who envies those big fat commission checks, hear this: We’re worth every dime!

A Recruiting Coach is worth the money. If you follow their instructions and do the work you’ll have one or two placements within weeks. You won’t waste time second-guessing yourself. You’ll have someone telling you exactly what to say during sticky situations. You’ll juggle multiple searches without going crazy. Ideally, your first fee will come quickly, pay for the Coach, and leave you with a profit.

The expertise a Recruiter Coach provides enables you to perform at a high level. No one will know you’re a novice. You’ll be energized and encouraged by small milestones. You’ll have support when you feel overwhelmed. Benefit from the advice, experience, and wisdom of your Coach as surprises unfold daily.

Recruiting is fun. The rewards are great monetarily, emotionally, and intellectually if you’re committed. My recommendation is get recruiter training and find a Recruiting Coach. Make some money and have a ball!

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