Sunday, January 18, 2009

Recruiting Training to Get to the Top!

In order to be a top Executive Recruiter it's crucial to get sound, proven training. Recruiters must learn the process. Next they must follow and trust that process. Successful Recruiters all use a method and make hour by hour decisions based on the question, “What will help me make a placement this week?”

High level recruiting is an art. Top Recruiters focus on those tasks that will place a good (or great) candidate in front of an employer who has a desperate need to fill a position. If the Recruiter has qualified the employer client and the candidate, the odds of an offer being extended increase dramatically. Top Recruiters have prepped both the decision maker client and candidate, to ensure the interview goes well.

Don't waste precious time tossing resumes at an employer. In my opinion, that's the weakest strategy recruiters use. It's not even recruiting, in my opinion. Any employer could have an administrative assistant sort through a stack of resumes and pull out a few they like. People are not pieces of paper. Decision makers who need a position filled love to work with a professional who saves them time and provides exactly the kind of candidate they want; they want their Recruiter to do all the work except interview. By the way, once you've proven yourself to a client, interviews often turn into a 'stamp of approval', because the trust is so strong.

A high level Recruiter controls and manages the entire placement process. They never stand on the sidelines wringing their hands, wishing their employer client would look at the three or four resumes they have supplied. Recruiters who focus on resumes, give away their power and their success. Frankly, they are asking their client to do too much of the work!

Hiring new people is a necessary evil to many hiring managers. If they are understaffed, these managers may have more crisis to handle. They may procrastinate, postponing time consuming interviews. When a company client works with a smart, effective Recruiter, that Recruiter chooses two potential hires (possible three), presents those candidates in a desirable light, makes sure the interview takes place, debriefs both parties, and ensures one of the candidates gets hired.

Top level Recruiters make hiring effortless and easy for their clients. That's why their clients continue to use them and that's why these clients are willing to pay the big bucks for an Executive Recruiter's service. It doesn't matter if you're a Contract Recruiter, Contingency Fee Recruiter (Headhunter), in-house Corporate Recruiter, or part-time Mom Recruiter; if you want to make more placements, have more credibility, more fun, and make more money, learn the recruiting process and implement that process every day.

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